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Landscape And Travelling East And West

RRP $316.99

Philosophical reflections on journeys and crossings, homes and habitats, have appeared in all major East Asian and Western philosophies. Landscape and travelling first emerged as a key issue in ancient Chinese philosophy, quickly becoming a core concern of Daoism and Confucianism. Yet despite the eminence of such reflections, Landscape and Travelling East and West: A Philosophical Journey is the first academic study to explore these philosophical themes in detail.
Individual case studies from esteemed experts consider how philosophical thought about places and journeys have inspired and shaped major intellectual and cultural traditions; how such notions concretely manifested themselves in Chinese art, particularly in the genres of landscape painting and garden architecture. The studies present a philosophical dialogue between Confucianism and Daoism on issues of social space and belonging and include discussion on travel and landscape in Buddhism as well as Japanese and Tibetan contexts.
Approaching the topic from an inter-cultural perspectives, particularly East Asian philosophies, and using these to enrich contemporary reflections on space, the environment, and traversing, this unique collection adds an important voice to present philosophical, political, and cultural discourses.

Travel Tales

RRP $34.99

TRAVEL TALES is a collection of short stories written by A.B.M. Nurul Islam based on his observations while working and traveling through the vast swathe of the earth extending from the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan) on the east, through the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the middle, to the Atlantic shores of Europe on the west. The author while working to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons as a Safeguards Inspector was a keen observer of local customs and traditions, human behavior, follies and foibles. He was in a unique position to watch the countries of the former Soviet Socialist Republics emerge from the rubble of the collapse of the Soviet Empire. His insights into the people and customs of these countries told through travel tales, humorous and informative, written in a racy and fluent style, is sure to keep the reader interested till the end.

Luxury Travel On An Economy Budget

RRP $16.99

Travelers often think of a luxury vacation as champagne and caviar dreams, but often don't have the budget to afford such luxuries. But luxury travel is not all about first class flights, swanky hotels, lavish restaurants and extravagant shopping. Shamael Khan shows you ways to travel in relative luxury and comfort by thinking out of the box and not draining your bank account. By using the advice in this book, you too can live comfortably and luxuriously during your vacation.Shamael shares his tips, tricks and advice through 12 years of business and personal travel throughout Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. He uses his business travel experience during tough economic times in order to develop a strategy to find the best deals and different ways to create your own personal luxury vacation.

Business Practices In Southeast Asia

RRP $287.99

This is an international business study of Theravada Buddhist Southeast Asia. Using a cross-disciplinary approach, the book examines business practices within a political, cultural, economic and religious context. It highlights those cultural and historical ties of the region which are shared because of a common religion. In analysing business environments, economics and government practices across the region, the book provides a deeper understanding of the influence of cultural values on work practices in Southeast Asia. The author first offers an overview of the history of the region and the nature and guiding principles of Theravada Buddhism. The next sections of the book present the history and the business and economic environment of the four countries in Southeast Asia, along with some relevant case studies of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar/Burma and Thailand. The book analyses business strategies and practices, management and marketing issues as well as the characteristics of companies. The last part considers the political environment of the four countries and hints at future trends and developments. The book offers a framework for working in the region, and provides valuable insights into this unique business environment, which is significantly different from the Western context. Filling a gap in existing literature, this book provides an accessible study of actual business practices in Southeast Asia.

Americans Traveling To China

RRP $13.99

A guide to planning, packing, and preparing for your first trip to China.


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