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Corporate Strategies For South East Asia After The Crisis

RRP $425.99

Corporate Strategies for South East Asia After the Crisis presents an in-depth analysis by experts from Europe, Japan and South East Asia who have long-standing research experience in Asian economies and international business. The authors draw upon empirical research to analyze the questions facing multinational corporations active in the region, and go on to examine their strategies in production, marketing and corporate finance. They present a comprehensive overview of the current activities of multinational firms from Europe and Japan in South East Asia. The authors address both questions of international strategy and the role of multinational companies in a global economy, while taking into account how national differences affect strategic decision making. More than an essential reader for business people in Southeast Asia, the book will strongly influence policy makers and all those interested in the shift from national to transnational business.

The Asian Way To Peace

RRP $256.99

While Europe has traditionally been the role model for international cooperation, this volume suggests a new highly successful mode. Using a flourishing operational code of diplomacy known as the Asian Way, Asian regional cooperation has gone even further to unite disparate countries for economic and political objectives. Culminating twenty years of research, this volume defines the Asian Way. It then provides details on fifty regional organizations in an effort to study this spirit of regional cooperation. Highlighting the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), the author concludes that Asian international relations has been ASEANized and increased economic progress has been advanced in two decades through the application of the Asian Way. Examining in microcosm how nations conduct their foreign relations in Asia, this volume provides an extensive list of regional organizations. It details their organizational charts, provides membership lists, and reveals funding formulas and projects undertaken. The author explains how, through the application of the principles of the Asian Way, the countries of Southeast Asia have resolved their conflicts, harmonized foreign policies, begun projects of regional economic cooperation and ultimately advanced prosperity.

Maritime Southeast Asia, 300 A.d.1528

RRP $534.99

"A well researched and lucid history of the Southeast Asian island realms (Indochina), attending to a variety of subjects such as crops and language groups, the silk and spice trade, African sailors and Chinese porcelains, religions, and royal houses". -- Reference & Research Book News

The House In Southeast Asia

RRP $302.99

Explores the concept of 'house' in the context of Levi-Strauss' idea of the house as a link between kinship-based societies and class societies, developing this further into an examination of a conjuncture of architecture, people and symbolism.

Asian Ethical Urbanism

RRP $230.99

With the impending demise of modernist planning, the footprints and corpses of failed modernist visions are littered everywhere. A vacuum of implementable urban theories has occurred at the time when unprecedented expansion and restructuring of cities in rapidly developing economies are taking place. In this collection of essays, William S W Lim zeroes in on the peculiarities and dynamics of present Asian urban and architectural conditions in order to challenge and transcend the socio-ecological forms and political influences generated by the current system of global capitalism.Part I of this book consists of the main essay, which attempts to establish baselines for an effective formulation of ethical urbanism in Asia, by clarifying issues that have previously been unquestioningly bound up with Western values and discourses. As an architect/urbanist, Lim lends a determinedly spatialist and environmental perspective to issues such as rights, ethics, happiness and social justice, while compelling his readers to rethink previously established notions about them.Part II of this book consists of three city studies on Hanoi, Shanghai and Singapore, completed in the last two years, which attempt to match Lim's theoretical formulation with actual conditions occurring in Asia today. Also included is "Asian Architecture in the New Millennium", a fascinating discourse on contemporary design conducted from a postmodern perspective.


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