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Where are the world's tallest twin towers located? Where is the world's biggest flower? What is a Jeepney? Want to see a Komodo dragon? Discover this and more inside. This Activity Book Series takes a fun approach to teaching History, Geography, Social Studies, Language and Art, by placing them into a "travel" theme. Explore Southeast Asian islands presents different cultures, places, events, and monuments as engaging, interactive activities for kids, ages 6-12. "Playful Learning" is the key. Great for on the road, in the train & in the air, the kids can get familiar with the major landmarks and special places and things in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia & Singapore. Engaging the kids in the trip makes for quality family time. Also fitting for the classroom & home-school, or for time well spent away from the TV. There's a great big world out there, Explore It! ------------------------------------------- This book includes: - Travel Activities: 54 pages filled with 14 different types of cultural activities from dot to dot, language say & write, mazes, drawing and more. Most activity books only provide 4-5 different activities, not this series. These activities also bring out the essence of the event, place or thing, letting the reader step deeper into the culture for a better experience. - Teachers Guide: Text explaining the history and origin of each activity is provided, so the learning can go deeper than just the activity itself. History, Geography, Social Studies and fun facts are expanded on here. - Answers Section: Make sure you can get it right n test yourself in the process. Some activities have more than one right answer and originality is encouraged. ------------------------------------------- Books available in the Explore Series: - Explore Western Europe http: // - Explore France & Italy https: // - Explore Southeast Asia https: // - Explore Thailand & Burma https: // - Explore Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam https: // - Explore Western Europe Interactive eBook (best for iPad): https: // Upcoming books in the Explore Series: - Explore Spain & Portugal - Explore USA and many more... ------------------------------------------- Be sure to come by and say hello at:

Sex Trafficking In Southeast Asia

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This book brings an important new perspective to the study of sex trafficking by considering the different types of social contracts which existed in the past that had sexual labour or activity as an inherent component. It outlines the nature of these social institutions - marriage, temporary marriage, debt bondage and slavery - which were recognised in local law, carried no stigma and endured for long periods. It discusses how labour pledged in return for a loan of cash or as a result of a punishment dictated by the state often included sexual labour, and how this could take the form of servicing the master of the house, or his guests, or foreign travellers, who paid the person who held the debt for the privilege, and how even wives of different ranks, temporary or permanent, and children, were pledged as sureties for loans. The book, which covers the modern states of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, argues that cultural norms are not static, that sexual contracts are more complicated than simply "marriage" or "prostitution", and that as trafficking for sexual purposes increases those engaging in humanitarian intervention would do well to understand better the historical underpinnings of cultural understandings of familial and contractual obligations.

Water In Central Asia

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Central Asia is the cluster of countries located in the basin of the "Great Aral Sea." It originates from the ancient civilizations of the IV-III millennium B.C. known as a oeArianaa and is an important geopolitical centre today, where the USA, Russia, China, EU, Iran and India participate in the regional water game. The Aral Sea Basin has always been a subject of interest to outside powers as a target of travel or political blame. At the same time it was a source of prosperity and a place of work, love, history and strong cultural traditions for almost 100 million people.

At present the Aral Sea Basin is shared by independent states with different interests but at the same time in need of close collaboration for their survival. Much has been written about this region but few writers have discovered the deeper roots of the historical transformations that have caused the present situation of environmental degradation. The extremely arid character of the region is a cause of very sensitive natural and social conditions; a very fragile balance that is easily disturbed by any important impact from the outside or innovations from the inside. Only a thorough analysis of both the positive ambitions of the region and their possible negative consequences can provide the necessary understanding of why important development initiatives of the recent past have always produced the negative consequences as they did.

A Time Travel Story

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Three best friends that went fishing and ended time traveling to strange and beautiful new place. Having an adventure and put into dangerous situations.

Molecular Genetics Of Colorectal Neoplasia

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Molecular Genetics of Colorectal Neoplasia A Primer for the Clinician provides the latest information on the genetics of colorectal cancer within a context of basic genetics, describing the subject in understandable language and making it clinically relevant. In this way, clinicians can become familiar with genetic terms and techniques related to colorectal neoplasia, providing a background upon which to build an appreciation of future advances and an ability to include them in the practicalities of patient care.

This edition is intended for the healthcare provider or industry concerned with colorectal neoplasia: including general and colorectal surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, internal medicine and family practice physicians, nurses, geneticists, counsellors, registry co-ordinators, epidemiologists, and statisticians.


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